About Mark Davis

Mark Davis DVM has been photographing wildlife for over thirty years. He was raised in the heart of Congo, Africa and has traveled extensively throughout East and Southern Africa. In 2004 Davis was the chief veterinarian in the widely acclaimed Bongo Repatriation Project to Mt. Kenya in association with Kenya Wildlife Services and various branches of the United Nations.

He currently resides in Southwest Florida engaged in his own Large Animal Veterinary Practice. Davis’s photographs are vivid, realistic, and profound. His unique knowledge and understanding of his subjects (behaviorally, physiologically, and visually) enable him to capture and reproduce the very essence of the animal in most dramatic fashion.

The most fascinating behavior exhibited by a species, the unusual characteristics that define a certain mammal, the unique temperament and spirit of that most beautiful creature understood by only the most avid animal enthusiasts are routinely captured in Davis’s photographs.  By virtue of his profession, he has been afforded rare photographic opportunities that few people ever realize.